United Global is a Kingdom ministry designed to restore unity back into broken families as well as the Lord’s church, preach the Gospel, make disciples and convert men and women, teaching them to observe all things, and commit the word to faithful men.


United Global is inspired to provide edifying activities that build the total person spiritually, socially, financially, and educationally.
Our vision is to have a ministry where the Word of God is promoted and made clear for daily application. The supporters of our church are motivated to look beyond the tangible and visualize the intangible; to perceive and receive. We aim to be a spiritual haven where ministry is paramount and all spiritual gifts are embraced, developed, and cultivated to be used for the glory of God.
We are a church where family life is deeply encouraged, fortified, advocated, challenged, and spiritually mentored toward success. We are leading souls to a higher dimension in kingdom building and encourage you to be a part of this paradigm shift!