Senior Pastors, Reginald and Sheila has been serving as the Senior Pastors of United Global Church since October 2009. During their 23 years in the ministry, have Pastored churches in Roanoke Va, Newport News Va, Chesapeake Va. and in Charlotte NC, as well as serving as Missionaries to the East Coast of America.


United Global is mandated by God to help restore back unity into families as well as the Lord’s church by means of preaching and teaching God’s words. United Global endeavors to remain a spiritual haven where ministry is a paramount and where all spiritual gifts are embraced. Our purpose is to introduce Jesus Christ to the unsaved, to help promote Christian education along with fellowship, empower believer’s to operate in vision, aid in developing, cultivating spiritual warriors and evangelize throughout the world.

 Reginald Thompson is the Founder and Senior Pastor of United Global a subsidiary of Churches of United Assemblies. He is a multi-faceted singer and musician who has done numerous workshops, TV Programs, and recorded with renowned artist.

In sharing his vision, Reginald has been married over 15 years Sheila Thompson. She is the Co-Pastor of United Global in Charlotte and the CEO and founder of Tender Heart Ministries (Women’s Ministry).

Reginald and Sheila were both saved at an early age. They both were groomed for ministry under the tutelage of Dr. H.Fred Stone Jr. (Guiding Star C.O.G.I.C-VA). Later receiving there pastoral training under Reginald’s parents Bishop John & Overseer Delbria Thompson (Site Deliverance Outreach Ministry-VA). In January 1999 they were ordained as Elders. Nine months later they were released to birth out Unity Outreach Ministries in Newport News VA. On February 24, 2001 Reginald was consecrated to the office of Bishop then affirmed as an Apostle on November 18, 2006. They both built up the church in Newport News Va enough to leave the church to another pastor. They were both released August 2009, to relocate to Charlotte NC to plant another church.
Reginald and Sheila are speakers that are recognized for their unique ability to equip and empower people for leadership and the work of the Lord. Both are recipients of Bachelor’s degree in Christian Education. They have been blessed with two daughters, Anika & Solita, two grandchildren Londyn & Jayden, as well as many god children as well as spiritual children.