Reginald Thompson’s Biography


Reginald Delman Thompson’s life is a real portrait of what is meant by the scripture, “For we walk by faith and not by sight”.
Reginald was saved at an early age and was groomed for ministry under the tutelage of the late Dr. H. Fred Stone Jr, Pastor of Guiding Star C.O.G.I.C in Roanoke Va, where he served as an acolyte. Later Reginald Delman’s father, Bishop J. Reginald Thompson launched a church, Star In The East Church, where Reginald Delman became a great musician as well as received his pastoral training. In 1998 he was ordained and was released to launch Unity Outreach Ministries in Newport News VA. In 2001 Reginald Delman was consecrated to the office of a Bishop. He was responsible for covering three churches.
In 2006, Reginald Delman was enthroned and Founded the Churches of United Assemblies as the Establishmentarian. After building a successful ministry in Newport News VA, as well as covering five additional churches in the area, he felt it was time to relocate to plant United Global Church, a new ministry in Charlotte NC which occurred in 2009.
He is a recipient of a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Education. In sharing his vision, Reginald Delman has been married to national evangelist, Sheila Thompson since 1997 and they have been blessed with two daughters, five grandchildren, and over twenty god-children.
He is a multi-faceted preacher, author, singer, and musician who has done numerous workshops, TV Programs, and recorded with renowned artist. Being a writer and dynamic musician has brought a high demand upon his name. So he decided to pursue the gospel industry as an artist. He has released his first album spring of 2016 entitled “Alright”. He plans to release many more to come. Reginald infiltrates all systems of this world globally with a national message through the methods of preaching, teaching, writing, and singing.

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